Equally popular among treasure hunters, upcyclers and those who just enjoy the thrill of the auction room, there is no doubt that auctions are becoming a real hit with an increasingly wide variety of buyers. So just what is the attraction? Well, here are fifteen reasons why people simply cannot resist the call of the auction gavel:

1.     Value for money

Everyone loves a bargain and the auction room is a sure-fire place to find one, especially when it comes to big ticket items like furniture. Home owners faced with rising costs such as council tax, utility bills and household insurance are keen to make their pound stretch further. Auctions give them the chance to buy solid, high quality items to fill their homes- and all at the cost of flat pack.

2.     Limitless variety

The vast array of objects on sale in a typical auction room mean there is literally something for everyone. Antique ornaments, vintage jewellery and bijou collectibles now sit cheek by jowl with contemporary goods such as electronics and electrical. Many sale rooms have expanded their ranges considerably in recent years thereby providing broader appeal.

3.     Sought after specialisms

Specialist sales mean that customers can easily access exactly the type of goods they require. From fine art to farming, there is a sale to suit all requirements. Whether it is the works of a specific artist or the workings of a toy train, there will be an auction somewhere to meet your needs.

4.     Desperately seeking assistance

Owners of vintage vehicles and old-style machinery often find it difficult to source spare parts. Auctions can offer a lifeline by connecting them to the replacement items they require. Online auction information is central to this process – making the links between buyer and part straightforward.

5.     Try before you buy

Pre-auction viewing allows customers to check out the merchandise in advance. This helps allay any fears about authenticity and gives customers the chance to get hands on with their potential purchase.

6.     Turn up some treasure

If you buy something in a regular shop you can be pretty sure of its resale value- which in most cases goes down as soon as you buy it. In an auction you could end up with an item which is worth much more than anyone anticipated. Of course it pays to know what you are looking for and looking at, but it is still possible to stumble upon valuable items by chance.

7.     Style supply

The vintage look is still very much in- both in the home and fashion worlds. Home stylists like Kirsty Allsop have upped the appeal of antique house accessories while vintage clothing brands like Chanel and Biba are always in demand. Get the look for less by buying direct from the auction house.

8.     Construct a collection

Investing time, effort and money in sourcing and securing items which form a collection is enjoyable and can pay off over the longer term. Coins, books, war memorabilia and figurines are popular options- but really the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can choose and what the auction house can supply.

9.     Create some contacts

Attending an auction is a great way to meet friends and create some like minded contacts. Following the local auction circuit will help you get in touch with people who share your interests socially. You could also develop links with people who could support you from a commercial perspective.

10.     Take a trip to an auction

Auctions are held all over the country and right around the globe. Why not plan an auction road trip and take in a number of sale rooms. Compare and contrast what is on offer within this expanded potential buying net.

11.     Easy access

Potential auction buyers are sometimes deterred because they don’t understand the process involved. There really is no mystery as the path to purchasing at auction is remarkably straightforward. Thanks to the digital age you don’t even have to visit the sale room in person- bids can be made online at www.ukauctioneers.com and some auctions still take telephone bids.

12.     Unique lots

You couldn’t go into a shop and buy legendary footballer Pele’s memorabilia collection. There is also no shop which sells Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s most treasured possessions. Yet these are just two of the unique lots which are available at auctions. So if you want something which is truly a one-off, then auction is the place you will find it.

13.     Time to transform

One of the biggest current trends in furniture and furnishings is to up-cycle goods. This can mean upgrading their appearance or giving them a whole new purpose. Auctions frequently sell goods which provide an ideal basis for this process.

14.    Build a business

Auctions can be fun but they can also offer a serious business opportunity. There has always been a strong market in the resale of auction goods but recent digital tax breaks have made this prospect even more appealing. Micro entrepreneurs running small scale operations now have a new tax allowance which gives greater flexibility in the management of tax affairs.

15.    Be a charity champion

Buying at auction also makes sense for those who are keen to do their bit for charity. Specific charity auctions are growing in popularity, offering a fun experience for supporters and a serious cash injection for good causes. Regular sales also sometimes include lots being sold for charitable purposes.

Whatever your background, interests and auction ambitions, there is a sale room out there which can meet your needs. It’s time to get cracking on your auction action plan.

There are 100s of auctions in the UK many of them can be found on www.ukauctioneers.com – You are sure to find a saleroom in your area.

By Helen Gamble

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