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Early Georgian High Society 1720 – 1760

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There were various means of advancement in early Georgian Britain – merit, good fortune, education and patronage, corruption and service to the nation were some of them. The band of people considered to belong to polite society increased to receive many from relatively humble backgrounds. Artists and architects, bankers and businessmen, as well as those… continue reading »

Eggcup Collecting is for Everyone

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Eggcup Collecting When Easter Bunny has been and gone and that stash of chocolate eggs he left hidden around the house and garden has long since been discovered and demolished, what next? Why, eggcup collecting, of course. Children of all ages, and yes, that means you mums and dads too, will find a style, or… continue reading »

Honiton Pottery – Devon

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honiton jug

Honiton Pottery I used to think it was only fruit and potato pickers who moved around the country finding work, but as I now know, when seasonal work dried up on the farms in the South of England, itinerant travellers turned their hands to decorating pottery. That’s why Poole Pottery in Dorset is so readily… continue reading »

Charlotte Rhead – The Lost Art of Tube Lining

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Ceramics by Charlotte Rhead

The wonderful thing about collecting antiques is the constant learning process the hobby generates. Every visit to an auction sale, antique shop and flea market brings to light new objects, manufacturing techniques, names and dates that previously were a complete mystery. Having said that, dopes like me still manage to forget to engage brain before… continue reading »

Hannah Barlow Pottery

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A pair of baluster vases by Hannah Barlow measuring 11.25 inches, each decorated with a sgraffito panel depicting a pride of five lions and their cubs within a landscape. They sold for £1,700. Photo Rogers Jones Co auctioneers

Itís rare enough to find three sisters who share the same talent for ceramic artistry. But what are the odds against finding three who could work together in the same studio and often on the same object? It’s also pretty rare to find a pot bearing proof that all three have each played their part… continue reading »

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