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Early Georgian High Society 1720 – 1760

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There were various means of advancement in early Georgian Britain – merit, good fortune, education and patronage, corruption and service to the nation were some of them. The band of people considered to belong to polite society increased to receive many from relatively humble backgrounds. Artists and architects, bankers and businessmen, as well as those… continue reading »

Baroque Style and The Restoration

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Baroque Style and The Restoration – When Charles II of England was re-instated as king in 1660, he and his courtiers had experienced a taste for the luxurious style of life they had briefly shared in exile in the royal households of Europe and especially at the highly extravagant court of his cousin, The Sun… continue reading »

Art Deco & The Modern Movement

Eileen Owens Antiques Info, The Story of Style
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Art Deco – Seeing Beauty in Function and Geometry In the shock waves that rippled through Europe from the First World War, no aspect of life was left unshaken – and this included the style of buildings, furnishings and fashions. Some people looked back nostalgically to Edwardian values and tastes, and for them the Arts… continue reading »

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