The Isle of Man TT festival is believed to be one of the most dangerous events in sports today, so why is it still so popular? Since its inaugural race in 1907 the Isle of Man has seen thousands of motorcycle racers descend on its Isle and with them flocks of tourists eager to soak up the atmosphere and get a taste of action for themselves. The event has somewhat changed over the years,  it initially beginning at the 15 mile long St John’s Short Course after only 4 events moved to the since used notorious 37.7 mile Snaefell Mountain Course.

The TT festival is a two week event split between a weeks of practice followed by a week of racing. However, on the middle Sunday the tradition is that non competitor’s tour the Mountain Course in an event which is most commonly known as ‘Mad Sunday’. This unofficial event is a contributing factor to the festivals popularity with 43,000 tourists visiting the Isle of Man during its TT season.

Murray’s Isle of Man TT Auction

Murrays Auction on the Isle of Man have part 2 of their ‘Isle of Man TT and Manx Grand Prix Ephemera and Memorabilia’ sale coming up this Saturday August 12th and this is a great opportunity to own a part of the events history. A highlight item of the sale would have to be the Honda MT125R which is scheduled to be sold at 12 noon.

Isle of Man TT Motorcycle


This 1970’s Honda comes with the user manual and as you can see is in ‘tip top’ condition. This motorcycle has gained a lot of momentum and it will most certainly cause for some competition amongst bidders.



Original Oil PaintingMike Hailwood Oil Painting

The face you see on the right is the one of an all-time great. Mike Hailwood or ‘Mike the Bike’ as he was known is regarded as one of the greatest racers of all time. With a staggering 14 TT wins Mike the Bikes story is one of success, triumph and tragedy. His natural riding ability is what got Hailwood his nickname, a nickname which he carried with him thro

ughout his whole career.

Only two years into his retirement Hailwood, alongside his son and daughter were involved in a traffic accident where a lorry made an illegal turn leading into the death of both himself and his daughter.

Story has it that a Hailwood in fact claimed that whilst traveling to South Africa a fortune teller had once told him he would not live until he was a 40 and that he would be killed by a truck….

He told his wife ‘…so you see, it won’t happen on a track’.

His legacy lives on through items such as this beautiful original oil painting.


Original Isle of Man TT Photographs

Amongst the 400 plus lots going under the hammer are original photographs taken during the Isle of Man TT racing festival.


Isle of Man TT Original Pictures


This lot contains 65 original photographs from TT riders and machines used in the racers.



Isle of Man TT fatal crash


As mentioned the Isle of Man TT is considered to be one of the most dangerous events in sports. These photographs depict just too why such statements exist. Here are 12 original photographs of a fatal accident that occurred during a practice session in 1952. This is one of the 250 fatalities that there has been during the 98 events that the TT festival has held.




Amongst these lots in Murrays Auction are racing programmes, sculptures and equipment as some of the history of the Isle of Man TT festival is put under the hammer. Be sure to visit Murrays on the Isle of Man tomorrow August 12th or alternatively you can bid online here at


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